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Learn To Book Direct With 8 Weeks Of Live Group Coaching In Zoom Plus Recorded Lessons & Accountability 

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A show of hands...

Who wants to run their own vacation rental business without interference from big corporations who control their policies, calendars, payment schedules, and even your guests?

If you raised your hand, you’re not alone! 

Vacation rental owners everywhere are frantically searching for the answers – how to get more direct bookings! 

You may have been working on this for while… but haven’t seen a lot of traction yet.  

Or you might be completely new to direct booking (or vacation rentals) and want to get started the right way.

Unfortunately, most vacation rental owners haven’t seen many, if ANY results from their marketing attempts. 

No matter who you talk to, it’s a different story, some try but fail to see any progress.  Others get a few direct bookings but aren’t really sure how.  

But most throw in the towel before they really even get started and feel destined to rely on Airbnb, VRBO or property managers for most of their bookings, with fingers crossed that Airbnb, VRBO or doesn’t hide their property after one bad review, add more area competition… or suddenly decide to cancel all your bookings! 

It can be very challenging…too challenging. And it’s not getting ANY easier. 

What you need is a system to reach the right guests at the right time.

coaching and consulting 2

Understand how content, email marketing, social media and advertising should be used together to build interest, bookings and repeat guests.

does any of this sound like you?

Instagram comments 5 step booking roadmap birttany and amber
Instagram comments 5 step booking roadmap birttany and amber
"I absolutely love Jodi's teaching materials & style. It's worth every penny. In addition, she goes above and beyond! You'll be pleased with Jodi's material. What are you waiting for? "
Cat Caszatt Tierney
~ Owner, Caszatt Condos, Galveston

You will not succeed in booking direct without website traffic - learn which methods you should be using based on your audience, destination and skill set. 

what do I mean by strategy?

My very first job in the vacation rental industry was helping a PM company build a marketing plan.

And nearly every client and student since has the same problem.

They were creating content and emails on the fly.  With little to no idea what to create, how to promote it and how to turn it into bookings.

That’s why I created the Five-Step Booking Roadmap.

A content marketing blueprint so you can work smarter, not harder, create content with purpose that appeals to the right guests who can’t wait to plan their trip to your destination and your vacation rental –  so you can spend more time on hospitality and managing your properties.

The good news is I can offer a solution…a step-by-step process so you understand what’s working now in the vacation rental industry.

Tried and true tactics plus the newest methods to get more of the right guests interested in your property and destination.

not having a process is like baking a cake without a recipe...

The Five-Step Booking Roadmap Group Coaching Gives You The Strategy, The Tools & The Knowledge To Build A Vacation Rental Marketing System That Works!

wait...why should you trust me?

I’m a vacation rental marketing expert and website designer with more than 10 years’ experience in the tourism and vacation rental industry.

I’ve worked with property management companies as well as owners with just one property and they all have the same issue – taking time from running their business for marketing their business. (and to be honest, that’s an issue for all of us solopreneurs). 

In the years I’ve been working in this industry I’ve learned how different it is, but one thing remains the same, the best way to market a vacation rental business is to set up systems and processes using basic marketing tactics.

I LOVE helping vacation rental owners and small property management companies learn strategies to book direct and I will love helping you as well!  

My students rave about my teaching style and my step-by-step video lessons.   

Jodi Bourne Jennifer Whaling Reviw
"I had pieces of everything set up but I am not a sales person so I would probably never put it all together. I would have not gotten the engagement with potential customers without Jodi's strategies. She presents her information in such an easy and clear way that it is easy to understand and follow. Thanks Jodi!"
Cynthia Pierce
~ Owner, Ruddy Turnstone, Sandy Beach Retreat

This 8-Week Program Will Give You The Attention + Training + Tools + Confidence To Create And Manage A Winning Book Direct Marketing Strategy!

Two payment options to choose from!

Here's What You Get!

Get years of expertise packed into 8 weeks, 17 live sessions, more than 20 hours of video lessons and the ability to retake the course every time it’s given – with lifetime access to all updates.




Live Lessons


Recorded Lessons


Work Days



Early Start Bonus!

Your Audience & Your Offer

Everything in the program builds on a deep understanding of the guests who will enjoy your vacation experience the most . 
see more -------->

Pre-recorded lesson and workbooks to help you understand your branding message, your audience and how to craft an offer they can't refuse!

Week 1

The Five-Step Booking Roadmap

See how to reach future traveler's in each stage of their vacation planning. 
see more -------->

Understand how to take followers and website visitors through the traveler's journey from interest to booking with my vacation rental marketers sales funnel. 

I'll break down each step into smaller, easy to understand bite size pieces.

Week 2

The Content Marketing Matrix

My content marketing plan for vacation rental owners. 
see more -------->

I'll show you why all successful online marketers use content marketing to grow website traffic, social media followers and more. You'll learn to use several pieces of content together to build and grow your following and increase bookings.

Week 3

Content Pillars

Stop marketing all over the map and narrow down the types of content you share on each platform.. 
see more -------->

This important lesson immediately stops the overwhelm as you begin to understand how each piece of content works to engage new people in different ways.  This weekly lesson includes a 1.5 hour workshop focusing on building your own content pillars. 

Week 4

Travel Blogging For Vacation Rentals

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow traffic to your website and build interest in your destination IF you are blogging like a tourist.  
see more -------->

Understand why traditional keyword research isn't as important to your success as understanding your future guests. You'll see a huge shift in the types of blog posts you write and promote.

Week 5

Email Marketing & Lead Magnets

See how to use lead magnets and your email newsletter to reach your audience consistently and stay top of mind. 
see more -------->

Your email newsletter is the best way to reach your audience, but only if you are adding new folks to your email list (not just former guests) and sharing valuable content they are searching for. 

Week 6

Using Pinterest To Grow Your Audience

Use this powerful tool in multiple ways to create better content and see consistent growth in website traffic.  
see more -------->

Pinterest is one of the most popular topics in the industry right now; however, most people are using it for hospitality rather than growing their bookings.

Week 7

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Stay top of mind and build connections when you change your social media strategy.    
see more -------->

You'll see how to use Facebook and Instagram with my special formula to create desire for your destination, trust in you and increased bookings.

Week 8

Plan Your System

The quickest way to lose is to not plan to win.  See how Jodi plans each week and month for her clients.   
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See how to put it all together in a simple plan that grows with you. This module includes a 1-hour lesson and 1.5 hour workday.


Work Days & Accountability

Listening and understanding can be difficult without doing it yourself and getting feedback. You'll get help at every turn with homework, hand holding and Q/A sessions. 
see more -------->

Two work day lessons includes 1.5 hours working virtually together where you get to see my process, work on your own and get feedback from me. You'll research and create your content pillars, plan your blog topics and emails and use my social media content planner to create and pre-schedule posts. Homework, quizzes and worksheets provided throughout the program and the Facebook group provides accountability.

Your future guests are online searching for the perfect vacation experience and ready to book your home today!


Bonus 1

Insta-Booked! $199 Value

Create your very own Instagram Travel Magazine with you as the only advertiser! The only Instagram Marketing Course for Vacation Rental Owners. see more -------->

Step-by-step video lessons show you how to:
create a business Instagram account, plan content that creates connections, add posts, stories, IGTV videos, reels, and guides and use DM’s to convert bookings

Bonus 2

Social Media Suitcase - $49 Value

Start using these daily, weekly and monthly social media and content marketing prompts to help you know what to say and when.
see more -------->

* 12 Month Dated Calendar
* 365 Daily Social Media Prompts
* Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Stories Templates
* 250 Custom written social media captions to help you create connections and sell your vacation rental experience, without sounding like a used car salesman.

Bonus 3

Vacation Rental Rescue - 2020 Challenge $250 Value

Access To 5 Hours Of Foundational Videos For Creating A Successful Vacation Rental Marketing Plan
see more -------->

Videos and Worksheets to help you:
Get to know and understand “Your Perfect Guest” and why that’s important
Learn the steps of a content marketing system
Understand How to take guests through a journey so they are comfortable booking direct.

Bonus 4

Over The Shoulder “How To” Videos - PRICELESS

No more tech headaches - these guided video trainings show you exactly how to use marketing tools.
see more -------->

Watch and learn as I show you how to use modern marketing tools to streamline processes including:
Mailchimp, Canva, Creator Studio, Invideo, Facebook Ads Manager, Planoly, Pinterest, and more!

Bonus 5

Keyword Research & SEO Workshop

Keyword Research and SEO tools to help you create and optimize your website content
see more -------->

This 1.5 Hour Pre-recrded SEO Workshop will show you how to:
* Find the right keywords
* Use keywords to create better content
* Use SEO tools to add keywords to your website
* Check Google Analytics to see what keywords are working.

Bonus 6

Facebook Group

Access to my member's only Facebook Group for help, support and networking
see more -------->

Yes, another Facebook Group! But this group is full of other students in this program who are serious about marketing their business. You'll get peer support and new content from me and my team.

*** Full Pay Option Bonuses ***

Extra Bonus 1

Social Media Audit

I'll go over your Facebook & Instagram OR Pinterest Account and provide detailed critiques and suggestions.   
see more -------->

I'll show you how to optimize your social media accounts, what you can do better and give you fresh content ideas based on your properties and destination.

Extra Bonus 2

45 Minute, 1:1 Strategy Call

You've learned to put it all together, but where do you start.? Spend 45 minutes with me as I go over your marketing strategy based on where you are now and where you want to be.
see more -------->

Toward the end of the program you'll have lots of "how do I get started" questions... let me help you put together a plan for the next quarter based on your skills, knowledge and goals.

What people are saying

The Five Step Booking Roadmap Group Coaching Will Give You The Attention + Training + Tools + Confidence To Create And Manage A Winning Book Direct Marketing Strategy!

about the program...

What will you learn?

Who is this for?

Vacation Rental owners and marketers of any experience and skill level will get massive value from this training that challenges you to think beyond listing sites and Facebook posts. You are wiling to devote time into creating a hospitality brand and have confidence that you have or can learn the skills to make it profitable.  If you have one home or 10 and are ready to bring your A-Game, you’ll get massive value. 

Who is this NOT for?

This isn’t for the get rich quick crowd or those who are happy with listing their property on AirBnB or other online listing companies forever. 

How does it work?

Get years of expertise packed into 8 weeks, 18 sessions, over 20 hours of bonus content, and the ability to retake the course every time it's given - with lifetime access.

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Full Pay

Pay Full Price & Save $50
$ 795
  • 8-Weeks Of Group Coaching
  • 16 Live Lessons & Q/A Calls
  • 2 Work Days - Work together and ask questions over 1.5 hour.
  • Full pay bonus: Facebook & Instagram Audit
  • Full pay bonus: 45-minute strategy call.
  • Free to join each time I give the program.
  • Access to Insta-Booked! Marketing Course ($199 value)
  • Recorded Training on Keyword Research & SEO
  • Access to Social Media Suitcase ($49 value)
  • Template Packs
Extra Bonus


Pay $210 Today & 3 Additional Monthly Payments
$ 210 Per Month/ 4 Months
  • 8-Weeks Of Group Coaching
  • 15 Live Lessons & Q/A Calls
  • Free to join each time I give the program.
  • 2 Work Days (1.5 hours Working Side By Side)
  • Access to Insta-Booked! Marketing Course ($199 value)
  • Recorded Training On Keyword Research & SEO
  • Access to Social Media Suitcase ($49 value)
  • Template Packs

*If the payment schedule does not work for you, reach out to Jodi. She will be happy to set up a payment schedule to meet your needs.

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