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I'm Jodi

Vacation Rental Coach Web Designer Marketer Strategist

Dedicated to helping you build and grow your vacation rental business. 

Jodi's knowledge of the vacation rental industry has helped us save so much time, money and frustration. She's been part of this project from the beginning - with advice, support, and helping us set up systems like owner rez, set up and help us dial in our social media and is building our beautiful website!
She's a true partner.
Yvette & Ken Strange
Spoon Mountain Glamping

I have built my career helping owners and property managers create a vacation rental business - on their terms.

jodi bourne vacation rental website design

The owners l work with, love their destination and sharing all the fun things to do that make it unique. 

They love creating  the perfect space with all the comforts of home…and then some. 

And, they love their guests and want to give them an unforgettable vacation experience – so they leave amazing reviews, tell their friends and return again and again.

But, they feel the same frustrations you do – OTA’s like VRBO & Airbnb who charge higher rates, have tighter restrictions and create an oversaturated market and guests who seem more and more demanding. 

My clients know, like you do, that they need to build a business that’s independent of listing sites – they need to book direct.

That’s where I come in! 

I’ve worked in the marketing and communications industry for 15 years using my knowledge and skills to support owners and marketers of both large and small businesses, nonprofits, event venues, and attractions as they navigated the world of online marketing.

But, seven years ago I started working in the tourism industry – and quickly found my calling working with vacation rental owners and property managers to promote their vacation rentals and destinations.

Now, I have clients and students with vacation rentals throughout North and South America and Europe!

I’m known for building beautiful and modern vacation rental websites, consulting and coaching with owners and property managers, and sharing ideas and strategies for owners and managers who want to uplevel their business and book direct. 

I’m also known for my East Texas accent, my love of southern cooking, and my lab pup Jolene. 

Get To Know Me!

It’s very important to me that I work with people who like and trust me. I become part of their business – and get to be part of a great guest experience!

I’ll sum up my life in song titles…

“I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”

Yep, I grew up in a tiny little East Texas town… riding my horse to my bf’s house, shelling peas on my Granny’s back porch and going to pasture parties as a teenager.

“Wild Horses…(couldn’t take me away)”
Three kiddos – AJ, Savannah & Kati, my best friend and husband Michael and my parents and family are my everything. 

On The Road Again”
I love, love, love road trips – heading to somewhere new with good music playing, my husband driving, Jolene in the back seat, and no agenda other than having fun. Plus, it’s Willie!

“Working 9 to 5” 
More like 7 to 6! I play hard… and I work hard because I finally found something I love to do!  

Let's connect!

More About Me...

I was a single mom of three for 15 years!
My youngest daughter, Kati graduated from high school in 2020 (yep, she was in the Covid Class of 2020 🙁   AJ is 30 and Savannah is 26.  Our idea of travel when they were young was a tent at a state park or season passes to Schlitterbahn. 

My husband and I were neighbors growing up… but didn’t get married until 28 years later!
Don’t you love a good love story?  He was one of my crushes but was a few years older.  Now, we are best friends, business owners, dog parents, and beyond blessed that our paths crossed again in 2013! 

I will never live without a dog or two.
I have Jolene, a sweet black lab “kid”, who we adopted in 2020 after we lost Abby in 2019. We also have my daughter Kati’s dog, Oscar.  I remember every dog I’ve ever had and still miss some of them so much I dream about them. (Lacy, Marley, Taz, Lady, Prince, Shep Leo Long Ears…)

I love to cook!
I grew up cooking with my mom or my Granny, and I always enjoyed learning. Now I pride myself on my years-in-the-making chicken enchiladas, my Granny’s chicken n dumplings, and my Bigmamma’s Southern Dressing! My husband is a happy man! And we both need to go on a diet. 

I’m a 5th generation Texan and proud of my home state and our unique heritage.
I grew up on the land my great, great grandfather bought and farmed in the mid-1800s. I have a profound love of Texas history, music, and food and have been called a Texas tourism ambassador because no matter which part of Texas you visit, I can tell you what to do and where to eat!

I cry when I read client testimonials.
I really bond with my clients and students so when I get a thank you card or gift in the mail, an email about how I’ve helped them, or a Facebook review about my services, it honestly makes me bawl like a baby.  I print them out and keep them in my office on a bulletin board because they inspire me to try to do my best work every single day.

I have major imposter syndrome.
I know I know what I’m doing, but there are lots of times I feel like there are so many smarter people out there doing really big things in this industry.  So, when I’m asked to write an article for a big-name blog or magazine, share knowledge on a podcast, or asked a question in a Facebook group for owners, it validates that I’m doing good work.  It is truly an honor.  


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Feeling Blessed!

Kind Words From My Clients & Students

I dove into all your training and WOW - it is absolutely wonderful. Even though I've been using Instagram for awhile I feel like I learned so much more. I love how you show your phone screen in the videos so I can see exactly how you do it. There were so many things I THOUGHT I knew and them BAM you explained and laid out a method that brought so much clarity. Thank you!
Andree McDonald
Southern Hospitality Vacation Rentals
I finished the Perfect Guest Avatar Workbook in Jodi’s coaching program and have been using it in my advertising. The laser targeting really works! My Instagram account is growing too. Yesterday I created and posted a video I had made using the tools and hashtags Jodi taught. Today, I added 46 followers! WOW!!!! Sooo happy! Thanks Jodi!!
Jennifer Whaling
Cottage Stays

Are you are ready to build a vacation rental business that attracts better guests, garners five-star reviews, puts more profits in your pocket and gives you the freedom to make your own rules?

I'm super excited to be featured here!

Are you ready to build a vacation rental business that attracts better guests, puts profits back in your pocket and gives you the freedom to make your own rules?

Ready To Build A Book Direct Vacation Rental Business?

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