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Dedicated to helping you build and grow your vacation rental business. 

Jodi is smart, cunning and update to date on all the rapidly changing needs of short term rental hosts. Jodi helped me get my property setup, social media profiles dialed in and got everything working nicely together. If you're having ANY trouble with your vacation rental listing, I'd recommend reaching out to Jodi!
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I have built my career helping owners and property managers create a vacation rental business - on their terms.

We Love Jodi… she has been wonderful for us as a start-up business and has guided us at every step along the way. She puts a personal touch on everything she does and her input and design of our website has helped our business grow in ways that we didn’t even think of!! She advises and helps us with all of our marketing – we honestly don’t know what we would have done without her..
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The owners l work with, love their destination and sharing all the fun things to do that make it unique. 

They love creating  the perfect space with all the comforts of home…and then some. 

And, they love their guests and want to give them an unforgettable vacation experience – so they leave amazing reviews, tell their friends and return again and again.

But, they feel the same frustrations you do – OTA’s like VRBO & Airbnb who charge higher rates, have tighter restrictions and create an oversaturated market and guests who seem more and more demanding. 

My clients know, like you do, that they need to build a business that’s Independent of listing sites – they need to book direct.

That’s where I come in! 

I’ve worked in the marketing and communications industry for 15 years using my knowledge and skills to support owners and marketers of both large and small businesses, nonprofits, event venues and attractions as they navigated the world of online marketing. 

But, seven years ago I started working in the tourism industry – and quickly found my calling working with vacation rental owners and property managers to promote their vacation rentals and destinations. 

Now, I have clients and students with vacation rentals throughout the United States and Canada. 

I’m known for building beautiful and modern vacation rental websites, creating social media and online advertising strategies, and teaching my 5-step Booking Roadmap System to vacation rental owners and small property managers who want to learn to #bookdirect. 

If you are ready to build a vacation rental business that attracts better guests, puts profits back in your pocket and gives you the freedom to make your own rules...

Get Started With These Resources

Plan Your Content

You need to engage your audience and generate more traffic to your website and more direct bookings on your calendar.  This content planner and calendar has a year’s worth of content suggestions, captions, ideas, links and templates PLUS video lessons to put it all together into a content plan that works for you. This comprehensive list of content ideas is created exclusively for vacation rental owners.  Valued at only $49 – you’ll pay only $4 a month to have a full calendar of content and the tools to plan it ahead of time.

Define Your Perfect Guest

Marketing success starts with knowing your audience. But, in order to do that you have to understand who they are, what they desire, and why they would choose your home and destination. Use my “Perfect Guest Workbook” to get very clear on who you should be marketing to so you can write better listing descriptions, create better content and give them FOMO on your vacation experience. 

Grow Your Following!

Your target market is on Instagram searching for vacation ideas. And despite what you may have heard, you can get direct bookings from Instagram. Use the Instagram Action Plan and build your own Instagram Travel Magazine – with you as the only advertiser! This free workbook shows you exactly how to plan your posts using a system that builds trust, shows your area knowledge and books your home.  

Join The Group!

There are so many Facebook groups for owners and property managers to learn, network and grow their business, but my Vacation Rental Marketing Tips & Tricks Group is all about marketing strategies and tactics.  Recorded video lessons, impromptu Facebook live workshops and answers to your questions help you understand how to market your property from an expert marketer. 

Get To Know Me!

I’m a wife, mom, dog mom and small town travel junkie. l spend my days with my lab pup Jolene under my desk while l help vacation rental owners and property managers build their business and increase direct bookings. It’s very important to me that I work with people who like and trust me. I become part of their business – and get to be part of a great guest experience!

I’ll sum up my life in song titles…

“I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool“

Yep, I grew up in a tiny little East Texas town… riding my horse to my bf’s house, shelling peas on my Granny’s back porch and going to pasture parties as a teenager.

“Wild Horses…(couldn’t take me away)”
Three kiddos – AJ, Savannah & Kati, my best friend and husband Michael and my parents and family are my everything. 

On The Road Again“
I love, love, love road trips – heading to somewhere new with good music playing, my husband driving, Jolene in the back and no agenda other than having fun, Plus, It’s Willie!

“Working 9 to 5” 
More like 7 to 6! I play hard… and I work hard. Because I finally found something I love to do!  

More About Me...

My husband and I were neighbors growing up… but didn’t get married until 28 years later!
Don’t you love a good love story?  He was one of my crushes but was a few years older.  He remembers me riding my bike past his house and my big smile; I remember watching him work out in his garage and being thrilled when he let me swing on his arms. HA!  Now, we are best friends, business owners, dog parents and beyond blessed that our paths crossed again in 2013! 

I’m a 5th generation Texan and VERY proud of my home state and our unique heritage.
I grew up on the land my great, great grandfather bought and farmed in the mid 1800’s. I have a profound love of Texas history, music and food and have been called a Texas tourism ambassador because no matter which part of Texas you visit, I can tell you what to do and where to eat!

I will never live without a dog or two…
Right now I have my sweet lab pup Jolene, who we adopted in 2020 after we lost Abby in 2019. We also have our big boy Oscar, who is my daughter Kati’s dog…but he’s lived with me since he was 10 weeks old. I remember every dog I’ve ever had and still miss some of them so much I dream about them. (Lacy, Marley, Taz, Lady, Prince, Shep.,,)

I was a single mom for 15 years and successfully raised three children!!
My youngest daughter, Kati graduated from high school in 2020 (yep, she was in the Covid Class of 2020 🙁   AJ is 30 and Savannah is 26.  Our idea of travel when they were young was a tent at a state park or season passes to Schlitterbahn. 

I love to cook!
I grew up cooking because I had to, but I always enjoyed learning.  Now I pride myself on my years-in-the-making chicken enchiladas, my Granny’s chicken n dumplings, and my Bigmamma’s Southern Dressing! My husband is a happy man!

I cry when I read client testimonials 
I really bond with my clients and students so when I get a thank you card or gift in the mail, an email about how I’ve helped them or a Facebook review about my services, it honestly makes me bawl like a baby.  I print them out and keep them in my office on a bulletin board because they inspire me to try to do my best work every single day.

I have major imposter syndrome
I know I know what I’m doing, but there are lots of times I feel like there are so many smarter people out there doing really big things in this industry.  So, when I’m asked to write an article for a big name blog or magazine, share knowledge on a podcast, or asked a question in a Facebook group for owners, it validates that I’m doing good work.  It is truly an honor.  

But Enough About Me...How Can I Help You?

The big OTA’s and listing sites and many large and successful Vacation Rental Businesses can pay for big marketing teams. But you can’t.

You are on your own, looking for the “magic” a few others have found. Plugging along, trying to figure it out by yourself.

Maybe you follow blogs and podcasts for advice or join groups of other homeowners to learn what is working for them.

You kinda, sorta know what to do. But, you never really know exactly how.  And it takes so much time and energy to figure it all out. 

What should you do first?  What steps do you take next? Will these same strategies you learn about from other owners work for you?

How do you know if you are doing it the right way? The best way?

The most profitable way?

It’s time to get help from a professional marketer, website designer, content creator and vacation rental consultant.

Ready to get started?   

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