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You’re IN!  Click the link below to join the group.

The doors to the Facebook Group are open now and the first training will take place on October 2.

Between now and then you can watch the welcome video, share more about you and your goals and in the next few days you’ll be able to download your workbook.

Note! Please watch the Welcome Video with quick instructions on how to use the group.  This is a learning group and might be set up a bit differently from other groups you are in.

What Will You Learn?

Jodi is going to pack each video with tons of in-depth marketing strategies she uses and teaches her clients. You’ll not only learn why, but be inspired by real examples. 

PLUS – I’ll be giving away some great prizes for those who watch the videos and replays, comment, ask questions and engage in the group.

Prizes… did you say prizes?

  1. A free marketing audit of your website or social media. ($250 value)
  2. A copy of my 365 Social Media Marketing Calendar ( $79 Value)
  3. A list of keywords with rankings customized to your destination ($200 value)
  4. A list of blog post ideas customized to your business. ($200 Value)
  5. A 1-hour consultation with a Facebook ads expert. ($250 value)
  6. Access to Insta-Booked! My Instagram marketing training ($199 value)
  7. My “Destination Travel Guide” Canva Template ($50 value)

IMPORTANT: To get the most out of this training, you’ll need to . Don’t delay!

Your Guests And Offer

The most important step when creating or growing any online business and the foundation for everything that follows. 

Content Marketing Traffic Circle

You will not succeed in booking direct without getting more traffic to your website – learn which methods you should be using based on your audience, destination and skill set. 

5-Step Booking Road Map

Understand how content, email marketing, social media and advertising should be used together to build interest, bookings and repeat guests.

Planning & Tracking

The quickest way to lose is to not plan to win.  See how Jodi plans each week and month for her clients.