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Discover What’s Working Now For Vacation Rental Marketers!

FREE 10-Day Vacation Rental Marketing Challenge

Want to level up your vacation rental game through the rest of 2020 and beyond? Watch as vacation rental marketing expert Jodi Bourne reveals the strategies she uses and teaches her clients to build and grow their vacation rental business.

This LIVE 10-day training will be delivered via zoom, email and a private Facebook group, where you will discover how to get more traffic to your website or listing, create and market your guest experiences and increase bookings with proven online marketing strategies that are working now! 

Live Training Schedule

LIVE + Recordings Available for 15 days!

Oct. 2 -12

Guests & Offer


Marketing Traffic Circle


5-Step Booking Road Map


And Tracking


Your questions Answered


What Will You Learn?

Jodi is going to pack each video with tons of in-depth marketing strategies she uses and teaches her clients. You’ll not only learn why, but be inspired by real examples. Each lesson builds on the others so stay focused during the ten days, ask questions to make sure you understand!

Your Guests And Offer

The most important step when creating or growing any online business and the foundation for everything that follows. 

Content Marketing Traffic Circle

You will not succeed in booking direct without getting more traffic to your website – learn which methods you should be using based on your audience, destination and skill set. 

5-Step Booking Road Map

Understand how content, email marketing, social media and advertising should be used together to build interest, bookings and repeat guests.

Planning & Tracking

The quickest way to lose is to not plan to win.  See how Jodi plans each week and month for her clients. 

Live Q & A

I’ll answer some of the questions posted during the week as well as some of the most popular questions from our poll. 

About The Challenge

Who is this for?

Vacation Rental owners and marketers of any experience and skill level will get massive value from this training that challenges you to think beyond listing sites and Facebook posts. You are wiling to devote time into creating a hospitality brand and have confidence that you have or can learn the skills to make it profitable.  If you have one home or 10 and are ready to bring your A-Game, you’ll get massive value. 

Who is this NOT for?

This isn’t for the get rich quick crowd or those who are happy with listing their property on AirBnB or other online listing companies forever. 

How does it work?

Join the group now and start networking with me and others in the group.  I’ll be sharing workbooks and checklists you can get started on now. 

The first session kicks off LIVE on October 2nd.  

I will be delivering all 4 live trainings (and a bonus Q&A), in the private pop-up Facebook Group exclusively for this series.

This private Facebook Group is where you can:

  • Watch the live trainings and Q&A, and watch replays.
  • Ask questions and get answers directly from Jodi and her team.
  • Network with other vacation rental owners with meaningful conversations centered around MARKETING their BUSINESS 
  • Focus your learning and benefit from the accountability of the group

What makes this a challenge?

I want to challenge you to commit to learning.  Challenge you to think outside the box.  Challenge you to put aside what you’ve heard from many of your peers and truly believe that marketing works.  I know it works.  I’ve seen the successes of my clients and students. 

Plus – there will be prize giveaways for those who share their wins and engage in the group!

What is a "pop up" group?

This Facebook group will be up and active for 15 days.  You can watch all the videos live or anytime you want during those 15 days.  Ask questions. Download the worksheets.  Take all the notes you want.  At the end of the challenge you’ll have a notebook full of solid ideas, strategies and tools you can use to market your rental! All for FREE.  

How can I learn more from Jodi?

After each video training you will hear how to work with Jodi and her team to build and grow on the skills you learned during the challenge. 

jodi bourne vacation rental marketing web design

Who Is Jodi Bourne?

Jodi is a vacation rental marketing expert and website designer with more than 10 years’ experience in the tourism and vacation rental industry and nearly 20 years of combined marketing experience.  She’s worked with large property management companies with more than 100 homes to owners with just one property to help them create content marketing, advertising and SEO strategies.  As an avid tourist and vacation rental guest, Jodi is able to help owners understand the guest experience and create content that appeals to guests in all stages of the traveler’s journey.  

Jodi is a regular contributor to the popular Vacation Rental Formula Podcast with Heather Bayer as well as VRM Intel Magazine.  She has spoken on social media marketing, content marketing, hospitality and marketing analytics at Vacation Rental Conferences, Tourism Conferences and Women’s Business Conferences across the United States. 

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