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DIY Vacation Rental Marketing

Online Learning + Mentorship.

The best of both worlds. Strategies. Tools. Mentorship and Accountability. Two programs to choose from. Coming in September 2021! 

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Vacation Rental Navigator

Vacation Rental Navigator is a low-cost monthly membership full of tips, tools and training to make your vacation rental business a success.  Each month you’ll receive a “toolbox” with over-the-shoulder videos showing you the exact steps to take when marketing your vacation rental. Plus, monthly content planning workshops to help grow your website traffic and get more direct bookings! 

"I absolutely love Jodi's teaching materials & style. It's worth every penny. In addition, she goes above and beyond! You'll be pleased with Jodi's material. What are you waiting for? "
~ Cat Caszatt Tierney, Caszatt Galveston condos

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A Content Marketing Group Coaching Program exclusively for the vacation rental industry. Offered live three times per year (fall, winter and spring).  This guided group training lasts 8 weeks and takes you step-by-step through building your own content marketing system. You’ll learn my exclusive 5-Step Booking Roadmap strategy and end the program with an understanding of how marketing works and the tools you need to get there including – blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, Pinterest, SEO and advertising.  

Stay in the know and go through the system year after year with lifetime access! Plus, get 3 months of Vacation Rental Navigator Membership for FREE to help you succeed with all the tools. 

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Updated for 2021!

Imagine your Instagram full Of beautiful images and videos with tons of followers who can’t wait to book your home and visit your destination. This course will teach you how to use Instagram effectively to turn fans and followers into future guests!

Additional Tools & Resources

Learn To Use Instagram™

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Discover Your Target Market

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Plan A Year Of Content

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Are we a good fit? Let's see!

I can help you build and grow a successful vacation rental business that gives you the freedom to make your own rules, garners five-star reviews and put more profits in your pocket…

The owners I work best with are passionate about excellent hospitality, creating comfortable and well-appointed vacation homes, and helping their guests experience an amazing vacation.

They are ready to work – and even if they don’t have time to do “all the things” they know that to reap the rewards, they have to put in effort and investment. 

When we work together building your website or dialing in your social media strategy, or working on your content marketing, it’s a partnership. 

I help you build and implement business and marketing strategies, give advice based on my experience and help you create more than just a vacation home, but a vacation rental brand.

Let's make your vacation rental business a success!

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